Why You Should Consider A Hydrogen Infusion Facial

21 Jun 2021
Why You Should Consider A Hydrogen Infusion Facial

Are hydrogen facials worth it?

We have previously discussed the impacts of increasing free radicals in the environment on your skin and how a hydrogen facial compares with other types of facials. But we haven’t explicitly addressed what a hydrogen facial is and what are the benefits of one. Hydrogen facials are specially formulated to combat free radicals within the environment and your skin. This deep cleansing, rehydrating and brightening treatment is suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin.

Let’s break down the most common questions we can find about hydrogen facials to (hopefully!) clear any doubts you may have of this revolutionary treatment method.

What is a hydrogen facial?

Let’s use Caring Skin’s H2 Infusion Treatment as the basis of effective hydrogen treatments to make answering these questions easier.

Essentially, a hydrogen facial is a non-invasive resurfacing treatment that utilises hydrogen and plasma ions to deep cleanse and restore water within your skin’s layers. It uses a highly advanced machine that can clear and rehydrate the skin from within. It is a 4 step process and can be done in just 90 minutes.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. Due to its atomic structure, it is always ready to be paired up with a rogue free radical. With the deep penetrative abilities thanks to the plasma ions, this has several benefits: prevention of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin pigmentation, brightening and moisturising.

Why should I get a hydrogen facial?

Your skin is exposed to oxidative stress all the time. With increased city pollution and sun exposure, your exposure to free radicals are at an all time high. Free radicals are a key player in causing skin ageing and pigmentation, as they indirectly break down the structure of collagen in your skin. As we know it, collagen plays an important part in keeping your skin plump and bouncy. Unfortunately, it is also the molecule that free radicals love to target. A hydrogen facial will introduce hydrogen atoms into your skin ecosystem to bind with these rogue free radicals to stop your collagen molecules from losing their shape.

A hydrogen facial also has several other benefits such as moisturising, exfoliating and stabilising pH levels in your skin. Plus, the hydrogen and plasma ions also help to decrease microbial bacteria within the layers of your skin to help your facial treatments and serums be increasingly effective.

Do hydrogen facials work?

Hundreds of customers who have gone through our H2 Infusion treatment have experienced clearer looking skin, feel more refreshed and have visibly brighter skin complexion even after just one session. While hydrogen facials are generally recommended for those with oily or congested skin, it can be beneficial to those with sensitive skin as well to help with clearing pores and reducing rosacea.

Caring Skin is also using proprietary technology that hails directly from South Korea, the hub of all things skincare and skin health. Most South Koreans usually have sensitive skin due to the weather and changing seasons. Thus, the services and technology provided there are usually created and targeted to benefit those with sensitive skin, which is what we aim to provide here in Singapore.

What is the procedure like?

Our H2 Infusion Treatment takes 90 minutes to ensure optimal deep cleansing and eradication of free radicals within the multiple layers of your skin. The procedure for our treatments include the following:

  1. Welcome Massage
  2. Double Cleanse
  3. Aqua Peel
  4. Hydro Peel
  5. Extraction
  6. High Frequency
  7. Nutrients Infusion
  8. Cryotherapy
  9. Customised Soft Mask

Where can I get a hydrogen facial in Singapore?

Admittedly, not many facial spas in Singapore provide effective hydrogen facials, but Caring Skin is one of the facial spas where you can get the free radicals in your skin neutralised and see visible results after just a session. Get in touch! Our friendly officers will be happy to help you book an appointment slot at any of our outlets.

Are hydrogen facials worth it?

In short, we think that hydrogen facials will be worth your buck. With increasing free radicals in the atmosphere and oxidative stress constantly taking place, a hydrogen facial can help reset your skin and reduce the effect of free radicals and oxidation over time. It would be wise to come in for a session at least once a month to refresh your skin’s moisturisation levels, to deep cleanse your pores and tackle any signs of pigmentation.