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While micro-needling pens have been a go-to for collagen induction, they can be unsuitable for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin and may lead to infections or scarring. The CS-Hydra Mesotherapy facial offers similar benefits without these concerns, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience.

About this Treatment

Electroporation, a trusted skincare delivery method, has evolved into the cutting-edge electromesotherapy. This needle-free anti-ageing treatment uses electrical impulses to transport rejuvenating agents deep into the skin. During the procedure, brief electrical fields create minuscule channels in the skin, which close shortly after. At the perfect moment, these channels allow the impulse field to drive the agents, including a potent Hyaluron Concentrate, deep into the tissue. This concentrate, rich in hyaluronic acid, amino acid complex, and panthenol, ensures your skin receives the utmost care and revitalisation.

Decode The Ingredients

Amino Acid Complex
  • Repair damaged skin
  • Prevent trans epidermal water loss
  • Strengthen skin immunity
Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid
  • Firming
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles
  • Deep skin hydration
Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Protects skin barrier
  • Improves moisture retention
Hyaluronic Acid
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Helps the skin retain moisture
  • Promotes skin repair

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Common Questions

We’ve listed some frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

CS-Hydra Mesotherapy is a facial treatment that uses electroporation to deliver hydration deep into the skin. It offers results similar to microneedling but without the discomfort or downtime.
The price is $318+GST, there’s a first trial offer price at $159+GST.
No, the treatment is pain-free and requires no recovery time.

To keep your skin hydrated:

Drink enough water daily.
Use mild cleansers.
Moisturize after cleansing.
Wear sunscreen daily.
Take shorter, lukewarm showers.
Use a humidifier in dry conditions.
Exfoliate gently, 1-2 times a week.
Avoid products with drying ingredients.
Wear protective clothing in cold/windy weather.
Lead a healthy lifestyle: sleep well, eat a balanced diet, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.

For persistent dehydration issues, consult our skincare advisors.

Typically, 3 to 4 sessions are recommended.

Factors include:

Dry air or harsh weather.
Overwashing or using strong cleansers.
Using alcohol-based products.
Health conditions like diabetes.
Poor diet and low water intake.
Certain medications.
Excessive sun exposure.

Note: Dehydrated skin lacks water, while dry skin lacks oil. Both conditions can coexist.

Yes, but maintaining hydration is a continuous effort, as there are multiple factors that leads to dehydration.
Results vary based on individual conditions and lifestyles. Some clients with conditions like rosacea might experience relapses due to factors like stress, weather, and lifestyle habits.

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