What happens to your skin when you work out

19 Sep 2019
What happens to your skin when you work out

In recent years, we have seen many yoga and fitness centres spring into the scene. Dozens of marathons and running events too. This prompts the question: does all of the running and exercising have an impact on the look and feel of our skin?

To put it simply, yes. Thumbs up to you if you’ve stuck with an exercise routine. Read on as we dive into greater detail of what happens to your skin when you work out.

Increases blood circulation
By now, we all know exercise increases heart rate and promotes blood circulation, delivering oxygen and other essentials to the other cells. Heard about the post-workout glow? Well, it’s true. According to dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur says, “Anything that promotes healthy circulation also keeps your skin healthy and vibrant” (Women’s Health and Fitness). In the long run, exercise promotes efficient circulation, thus improving your skin’s overall health and prolonging your glow after your exercise.

Breaking into a pool of sweat
Believe it or not, sweat actually does do wonders for your skin. Think of sauna, sweating is your skin’s natural way of detoxing, unclogging pores of debris and flushing out toxins. As you sweat, you are releasing the gunk and grime clogging your pores. So, it is important to wash up after sweating so the debris doesn’t settle onto your skin surface or seep back into your pores.

Encourages cell renewal
Exercise encourages cell renewal throughout the body. To make your workout more efficient, you must ensure the excess dead cells are washed away, and keep those pores clean to reveal that fresh skin under.

Set your lymphatic system in motion
On top of the abovementioned benefits, another benefit of working out is that it activates your lymphatic system, thereby stimulating your sluggish lymph system and effectively flushing the body of wastes and toxins. At the same time, it reduces the water retention problem or puffiness (especially in the eye area).

When being active, your pores might get potentially clogged by dirt or sweat, leading to itches and rashes. This may happen to someone more frequently with sensitive skin. Hence, we offer a wide array of treatments for such skin types.