What causes our skin to be sensitive?

20 Sep 2019
What causes our skin to be sensitive?

In our current ever-changing world, you can’t help but to adopt the “The only constant thing in life is change” mantra nowadays. Our current lifestyle adapted to the technology-inclined environment, the global warming effect on our Mother Earth and even to the evolving food palette we consume. But what about our skin? Has it also adapted to our new modern lifestyle and the increasingly chaotic climate?

Not talking about the medical skin conditions like eczema, but there are many variable factors that cause us to have sensitized skin today. Part of it could be from genetics but our modern lifestyles also contributed to our skin having lesser and lesser tolerance on the products we used and it being easily irritable more so than before.

Here are some of the main reasons:

Climate Change – The daily weather temperature in Singapore has been increasing over the past few years; with the highest being at 35 deg Celsius in the recent quarter of the year, it is set to increase steadily to a daily temperature of 28.8 – 30.2 deg Celsius towards the end of the century. Because of the humidity and warm weather, we are easily exposed to UV rays, that mutates proteins in our skin and causing damage to our skin cells. With the lack of protective barriers, our skin can react easily to the weather, causing sensitivity.
Stress – Since young, we have to deal with stress from school, stress from parents, stress from work, stress from personal expectations and the list can go on. It is inevitable that we face stress in some parts of our life but having too high a level of stress can cause our hormones to slow down in maintaining and repairing our skincells. And that can cause our skin to be fragile, leading to our skin being sensitive.
Lifestyle – Yes, I know #YOLO. But if seizing the day to you means 2 hours of sleep, 3 bottles of wine every night and 4 packs of cigarettes every day, your skin will be very unhappy with you. Having a lack of sleep, lack of proper hydration (wine doesn’t count, honey) and even a random diet can cause your skin to suffer and increase in sensitivity.
Chemicals in Skincare products & Cosmetics – You will see many upcoming brands that are 100% organic based and there’s a good reason for this. Alcohol based, artificial perfumes and parabens are ingredients used in some facial care products and too high dose of preservatives can in fact, irritate the skin. In the long run, using these products may cause your skin to react easily to sensitivity.

Taking note of the above reasons can help you to monitor your skin’s condition in being sensitized and you are more aware of what may caused it. Many of our customers come to us with a heightened result of sensitized skin like reddened and inflamed skin, leaving them worried and frustrated.

Besides giving professional advice on how to prevent this from happening, we also recommended some treatments that are very favorable in treating their sensitized skin:

SensiVital – Helps in increased skin resistance against environment stress, while the skin receovers softness suppleness and comfort.

This treatment is a smoothing and desensitizing process and is specifically formulated to treat fragile and sensitive skin. It reconstructs the natural protection shield of the skin owing to its high amount of essential fatty acids and the presence of unique polysaccharides of vegetal origin.

Rosa- C³
– Helps in significant reduction of redness and decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth

This is our star product for treating skin sensitivity and many of our customers seen much improved results after just one session of treatment. We use a 3-step treatment where you start off with a ultra gentle exfoliation phase to gently eliminates dead cells and impurities, a light and refreshing emulgel mask to soothe the skin for the second phase and restoring the skin with a specially developed serum to neutralize inflammation and increase oxygenation of tissues.

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Caring for your skin is important as it lives with you till the day you say goodbye to this earth. Live healthily, drink lots and go for suitable treatments your skin rightly deserves to be taken care of!