Treating sensitive skin conditions deriving from skin color

19 Sep 2019
Treating sensitive skin conditions deriving from skin color

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you know people who have sensitive skin? Did you know the nature of skin sensitivity can vary among different ethnicities and/or skin types?

Sensitive skin deriving from ethnic origin:

Asian skin tends to react to spicy food whereas Caucasian skin react more to weather or environmental changes with more visible symptoms. Skin care professionals must look at the ethnic background along with age, medications, hormonal issues, environment, allergies, diet, and more. It will be erroneous to assume that certain sensitivities are not present due to skin color alone.

Treating sensitive skin conditions deriving from skin color:

FAIR: Fair-skinned clients with sensitive conditions should use gentler anti-aging treatments and products. Since they tend to show aging earlier in life, skin care professionals should avoid treatments that will pigment, scar, or even age their skin faster. Glycated skin is also an issue with fair skin, and broken capillaries are easily seen—so repairing and protecting the barrier function will be key for this skin tone.

Carnosine (L) benfotiamine fights the glycation process and helps to protect and maintain collagen integrity for more youthful, less inflamed skin. In addition, Albizia julibrissin is a natural anti-glycation ingredient from the Persian silk tree that renews skin tone and texture while reducing dark circles.

MEDIUM: Clients with medium skin tone often experience more oily skin, breakouts, and facial hair. If this client is sensitive to oily concerns, try using products that do not strip the skin of oil but rather, balance and purify instead. Using acids like mandelic in lower percentages and gentle enzymes may be more effective on medium skin tones.

DARK: Clients having sensitive darker skin need to worry about keloid scarring and pigmentation issues from more aggressive treatments. There may also be issues with more hair growth in these clients. Dark skinned clients may also have rosacea or sunburn sensitiv­ities. It is also harder to detect, so the skin care professionals must not eliminate skin sensitivities based solely on skin color. For these clients, treatments that include barrier repair, hydration, and can calm the skin will be much needed. For example, the Mirabilis jalapa extract is successful at calming reactive skin, improving skin’s long-term resilience against sensitivity triggers, supporting skin’s barrier function and improving hydration.

If you want a more resilient skin regardless of your skin type; we have a wide array of facials and treatment solutions for you to try!