The Best Sensitive Skin Treatment – SensiVital

19 Sep 2019
The Best Sensitive Skin Treatment – SensiVital

Recently, the haze situation in Singapore has affected many in terms of health. Irritation to the eye and throat is usually the first few health issues that will appear and some may suffer more serious conditions like breathlessness or asthma attacks. Besides having to take care of our health within, we also will need to take care of our health without. Our skin will also get affected when the air quality is bad and when you have air pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the mix, your skin will definitely start to suffer.

You may start to find your skin getting drier, little pimples starts popping up here and there and the never seen before acne may also start appearing. This means your skin is reacting to the detrimental effects of air pollution and one way to soothe your sensitized skin and relieve its condition is our SensiVital treatment. This is a Caring Skin Signature Treatment, where we have seen many customers who came in with very red and sensitive facial skin condition, leaving our outlet with obvious results of their skin looking at least 50% calmer and with less redness.

What makes SensiVital so unique in treating sensitive skin conditions is the ingredients this treatment possess. It has a high amount of essential fatty acids, the basic components for cell membrane and what it does very well, is to reconstruct the natural protection shield of the skin. It is a long lasting moisturizing treatment that helps to increase skin resistance against environmental stress and also soothes and desensitizes affected skin effectively.

If your skin is currently described as below:

Fragilized skin, dehydrated skin, tired or devitalized skin
Skin damaged by wrong usage of products
Skin damaged by the harsh environment like air pollution, extreme in temperature (hot or cold)
Excessive loss of hydration as a result of travelling, high fever

I will recommend you to try SensiVital today and look forward to:

Desensitized facial skin (less redness, less itch)
Highly moisturized skin (less dryness)
Soft & supple skin

Feel free to enquire more about SensiVital or other sensitive skin solutions with us! Our Caring Angels will be more than glad to help you!