Take the Pinch Test

19 Sep 2019
Take the Pinch Test

Take the pinch test.

When the skin is free of makeup, take your thumb and your forefinger and gently pinch your cheek (near cheekbone area). Gently (not to the point where you feel pain) pinch the skin quickly five times.

If no pinkness shows up, your skin is more than likely under-circulated.

If your skin is a little pink, your skin has good, proper circulation.

If the skin is bright red, more than likely your skin is over-circulated. The goal with circulation is right in the middle, not too much and not nothing at all.

What is under-circulated skin?

When age catches up with us, everything tends to slow down in our body, including blood circulation. And when blood circulation is poor, it can result in dull and tired skin that lacks a glow.

Here’s what you can do

-Avoid cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol, which can impair blood circulation.

-Iron is a vital component of haemoglobin, the blood’s oxygen delivery man; hence, ensure you eat more iron-rich foods like red meat, leafy greens, lentils and kidney beans.

-Get your “Omm” on. Observational studies have revealed relaxing therapies like yoga or meditation have a positive effect on heart function and circulation.

What is over-circulated skin?

Excessive circulation can cause skin to appear rosy most of the time. If your skin is quick to appear beet red after a glass of wine, after a hot shower, and a workout. It may actually be signs of Rosacea.

What you can do
If you have over-circulated skin, the goal here is to calm the circulated skin using skincare products to keep capillaries strong so they aren’t flushing and dilating(expanding), causing so much redness. Try using products containing any of these ingredients such as azulene, chamomile, white tea, vitamin C to repair the dilated capillaries. Make sure to also store your toner, serum, moisturizers and masks in the refrigerator to enhance their cooling benefits.

When it comes to skincare or skin health as you call it, people usually focus on more visible concerns likes blackheads, pores and or acne. One of the lesser-known facts like your circulatory system also plays an important part to the healthy and glowing skin as it sends nourishment and maintains every cell in your body, so it’s vital to keep in functioning in optimal condition for your overall health and well-being.