I remember being made fun of

25 Oct 2023
I remember being made fun of

Lemmy, 30, Fintech

“by my classmates for having a lot of pimples and oily skin. It takes a toll on a young adult’s confidence. Since I was a teenager, I’ve had struggles with acne and sensitive skin.”



Do share with us the struggles you faced with

“I had several issues with my skin.

  • Pimples – I used to have huge cystic pimples. They are painful and so obvious as they look so red. They are usually situated on my temples and cheeks.
  • Acne scars – The remnants of the past. I used to have deep acne scars. These are difficult to hide as makeup won’t really help as much.
  • Big pores – Since I have oily skin, I tend to have big obvious pores. The texture of my skin used to be uneven”

Do share with us the struggles you faced when trying to find solutions

“I went to a lot of facial clinics in the past. Most of them didn’t work, and I believe that is because they don’t exactly analyse and target my actual skin issues. They also mean business as they don’t hard sell packages to me.”

What solutions have you tried that didn’t work?

“Facial clinics, different over-the-counter products”

Solution and progression

What finally did work? And how did you come about trying it?

“My ex-colleague referred me to Caring Skin. I went for my first trial and I was so impressed. On my first trial, they did an analysis of my skin. That’s the only time I knew I had mild sensitive and dehydrated skin. They customised the treatments on what my skin needs. And the facial session was OMG so good! So relaxing, extractions weren’t painful, and totally the experience my skin deserves.”

What’s your skin like now? What’s your routine?

“Now, my skin is less oily. My pores are less unclogged and as a result, my skin texture got better. A regular visit to Caring Skin is totally a must in my routine to maintain good skin!”


Could you share with us your experience at Caring Skin?

“This is the only facial clinic that makes me so excited to go back to every month. It’s not a chore to me, but a reward for myself. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. The ambiance of the private room is so relaxing that I often fall asleep in the middle of the session. Really worth it!”

Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? Have any tips?

“I have been recommending Caring Skin to my friends. And proud to say everyone has signed up for a package because they share the same sentiments with me.”