SPE/PEM Technology In Facials: How is it beneficial to your skin?

30 Jun 2021
SPE/PEM Technology In Facials: How is it beneficial to your skin?

SPE / PEM Hydrogen Infusion

One of the highlights of our popular H2 Infusion Treatment is the use of SPE / PEM technology. This special system is the key to producing the hydrogen atoms that provides antioxidant benefits and help reduce skin ageing signs.

In order to understand what makes SPE/PEM technology special, we’ll break down what it means and how it can be beneficial for your skin.

What is SPE and PEM?

Solid Poly Electrolytic technology (SPE) or Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) techniques are common systems in place when it comes to hydrogen infusion. These methods are able to produce hydrogen-rich water without residual pollutants like ozone or chlorine. As hydrogen is the smallest particle in our world, it takes a special kind of system to produce the molecules so that it is able to traverse through the deepest parts of your skin.

In a SPE / PEM system, water is electrochemically split into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which produces a water solution that is rich in pure hydrogen atoms. In hydrogen facials, we utilise this hydrogen-rich water to deliver serums and deep cleanse your skin.

How does SPE and PEM technology benefit your skin?

We have talked about the benefits of hydrogen and hydrogen facials in a previous blog post. Things short, hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that can deeply cleanse your skin, eradicate underlying free radicals to slow down signs of skin ageing, and reduce the look of pigmentation.

As we mentioned before, SPE and PEM technology is able to separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water to produce naturally clean, hydrogen-rich water without harmful by-products. When your hydrogen water is rich and safe, your body is also able to capitalise on the benefits of hydrogen efficiently and easily.

Where can I go for a hydrogen facial?

If you’re ready to clear out the free radicals in your skin and give it the refresh it needs, look no further than Caring Skin’s H2 Infusion Treatment. Other than providing the benefits of a hydrogen facial, Caring Skin will conduct a thorough technology-assisted analysis of your skin and customise the serums in your treatment so you can be sure that your skin is getting what it definitely needs.