PDRN Skin-Loving Benefits

19 Nov 2020
PDRN Skin-Loving Benefits

Polydeoxyribonucleotide, more commonly referred to as its abbreviation; PDRN, has taken the beauty world by storm for its extraordinary skin regeneration properties. These biological molecules are actually extracted from salmon DNA, the sperm to be exact. It may sound disconcerting at first but do not be taken aback by the mere thought of it as this powerhouse ingredient has so much to offer. As a matter of fact, PDRN is administered by doctors all over in regenerative medicine and has been gaining traction in dermatological practice. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty on what PDRN can do for your skin.

PDRN Benefits

-Stimulates collagen and elastin production
-Speeds up tissue regeneration
-Repairs damage from within the deeper layers
-Diminishes dark spots and discoloration⁠
-Improves elasticity
-Brightens skin tone
-Strengthens skin barrier
-Refines pore size
-Has excellent biocompatibility with human skin
-Imparts a progressive and long-lasting effect

PDRN is ideal for individuals with:

Slow healing – post-acne hyperpigmentation, lesions on face, dark spots,
Early-onset of aging-like changes – loss of density, dry, dull, wrinkles, fine lines, age spot

Generally, PDRN is dispensed into the skin through a series of micro-injections at specific points of the face. This treatment usually requires a couple of weeks before visible results can be seen. Caring Skin’s recent breakthrough, Advanced Cell-Repair Bio-Cellulose Mask with PDRN, harnesses the beneficial properties of this extract in a non-invasive manner without compromising on its efficacy.

Advanced Cell-Repair Bio-Cellulose Mask with PDRN

An intensively regenerating mask enriched with PDRN (a unique ingredient extracted from salmon’s DNA that stimulates collagen production while accelerating scar repair at a cellular level) for ultimate skin recovery, wound healing and fading acne scars. This bio-cellulose sheet mask is made up of super-thin natural fiber that snugs your face perfectly to deliver maximum nourishing ingredients and is infused with repairing minerals to strengthen the skin barrier against sensitivity and irritation.

Active ingredients found in this repairing mask:

✔ PDRN - Spurs cell growth and tissue regeneration
✔ Sodium Hyaluronate - Effective in holding on to moisture helping skin to hydrate
✔ Centella Asiatica Extract - Strengthens skin, improves elasticity, and assists in wound recovery.
✔ Spirulina Platensis Extract - Aids in skin cell proliferation, wound healing and tissue regeneration.
✔ Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Flower Extract - Moisturises and soothes skin

Suggested Frequency:

Normal skin - 3 times a week
Dry Skin - 3 times a week
Sensitive skin - 3 times a week
Acne-prone skin - Once a week
Skin with scarring without inflammation: Everyday

Try the Advanced Cell-Repair Bio-Cellulose Mask with PDRN today to experience the remarkable skin regeneration abilities of this patented technology.