Keeping a Skin Diary

19 Sep 2019
Keeping a Skin Diary

Keeping a skin diary may sound odd to most but it turns out to be the most effective way to gain insight on exactly what is happening to your skin and why.

Keeping a record of how certain things affect you and your skin can be pretty useful since it allows you to see what impacts you externally, for instance, stress or the environment. Likewise, internal factors too, like diet and hormonal changes.

At the end of the day, a skin diary is something that helps you develop a deeper understanding of your skin and discover if your lifestyle patterns. Above all, it helps you identify the triggers for all those skin issues-breakouts, reactions you’re experiencing so you can quickly get it remedied.

According to a famous UK skincare brand, Pai, here are some questions you can consider asking yourself. It should not take you long to fill in. In order to get a good overview, it is recommended to keep a record every day for at least 3 (consecutive) months.


How many hours did you sleep?
What time do you sleep?
How well do you sleep?


What did you eat for your meals?
Do you eat any snacks?
How much water did you drink?
How much caffeine did you drink?


Do you exercise?
What is your stress levels?
Do you smoke?
Where are you in your menstrual cycle?


Do you apply sunblock?
Do you use anything throughout the day?
What did you skin look like when you woke up?
What did you use /do for your morning skincare regime?
What did you use/do for night skincare regime?
Do you use a face mask?


Were you Indoor or outdoor most of the time?
Do you need to be out and about under the sun? If so, how long?
Did you have the air-conditioning on?
Did you use a space heater when indoor?


What clothing materials do you wear?

Towards the end of three months, take some time to go over your entries. You might be able to get some clues on what throw your skin off balance. Or else, it is good to know what your skin likes and it probably gives you an idea on how to level up your at-home skincare regime.

If you feel that your skin is particularly sensitive to breakouts and rashes — you might want to explore our various facials to help remedy that!