Facial you can fit into Your Lunch Hour

19 Sep 2019
Facial you can fit into Your Lunch Hour

For people who are time-starved during the work days due to the huge amount of workload BUT still wants to be pampered by a relaxing facial. We’ve rounded up four of Caring Skin’s facials treatment speedy enough to fit into your lunch break.

Beauty Flash (45mins) – Since it takes 45 mins, the treatment is speedy enough that you can fit in a quick sandwich/coffee trip too. What makes this treatment so unique is that it concentrated on detoxifying and toning active ingredients for immediate radiance using key ingredients such as naturally-scented botanical extracts and prickly pear extract.

The treatment purifies the skin under stress and pollution, hydrates and smooths facial features. Hence, it is one of the most in-demand treatments on weekdays, specifically Friday! It is truly one express facial guaranteed to please!

SilkPeel (60mins) – is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that is not done sequentially, but simultaneously, to remove time-gaps between exfoliation and condition-specific formula application for optimal skin receptivity and retention.

The non-invasive treatment is fully customizable according to skin concerns, hence it is capable of addressing a variety of skin concerns making it suitable for most skin types, leaving you and your skin beaming.

Oxyjet (60mins)
– A multifunctional skin rejuvenation treatment via the process of vacuuming your skin to stimulate skin cell renewal and massaging the active concentrated essence into your skin, letting the pulsated oxygen be absorbed into the epidermis of your skin, regaining elasticity and firmness. Quick as you need it to be, the vacuum process helps in lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, smooths and dispels the impurity and toxin via suction.

For people with concerns on dehydrated, uneven skin tone and dull skin, expect to leave feeling cleaner, much more radiant, and skin feeling much perkier.

Lightwave (60mins), The LED therapy-This topical light infusion therapy in particular has quickly climbed to its popularity because of its combination of Red light therapy, Blue light therapy, and Infrared light therapy. These wavelengths work to counteract years of sun damage, ageing, acne, and evens out skin tone. Everything is accomplished without harming the skin and without chemically altering the molecules of the skincare formulas. If your skin is currently described as either acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, or sun damaged skin, this treatment is suitable for you.

All of the good stuff in a fraction of time. Tired dull skin certainly looks brand-new by the end of the treatment. What kind of facial treatment services do you want to be made express? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!