19 Sep 2019

Breathe! We hear this so often than not but have you ever stopped and wonder why is that? Well, besides the fact that breathing is what you do to stay alive, it also benefits you in ways you would never have guessed. Continue reading to discover how the incorporation of breathing as part of your daily routine can get yourself an effective antidote to everything from anxiety to better skin.

Better skin? Yup, you’ve read that right. But it’s not just any breathing, it’s deep breathing. It helps eliminate excess carbon dioxide from the body, and provide a supply of oxygen to the blood, and invigorate the cells and tissue. It also helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the level of stress on your skin and number of cortisol-induced breakouts.

Now, here’s how to jump-start your blood circulation to give color to your face and lips, and life to your skin.
1. Start by sitting straight, in a comfortable position
2. Breathe in through your nose slowly until your lungs fill up completely
4. Exhale through the mouth quickly, and repeat five(x5) times. This aid removing of carbon dioxide and cellular waste from the body
Note: It works better when you’re outdoors or in a clean environment.

A Proven Technique backed by Experts
A quick google search has lead to a few articles and there are many kinds of breathing techniques, ancient and new methods, embraced at yoga studios and meditation centres, as a form of exercise in their own right. “Breathing is the bridge between yoga and meditation-yoga that strengthens our body and meditation, which strengthens our mind,” said Rajshree Patel, meditation teacher and life coach at The Art of Living in New York.

Now that deep breathing is finally starting to seem less foreign, here are 3 tips to incorporate” breathing” in your routine recommended by The American Institute of Stress.
1. Set aside one or two periods each day. If possible, do it the first thing in the morning, before any tasks and responsibilities get in the way.
2. Try deep breathing while you are doing other things. For instance, in-between the TV commercials, walking your pet at the park, or waiting for a dentist appointment.
3. Avoid doing it when you’re feeling sleepy. It works best when you are fresh and alert. Take caution to not practice it when you are driving, smoking, or after a heavy meal.