Our Top 5 Tips to Feel Confident In Your Own Skin

28 Dec 2021
Our Top 5 Tips to Feel Confident In Your Own Skin

Skin confidence

These days have been tough. From the recent pandemic to adapting to our new normal, we’re constantly trying to keep up with the changing times. Wearing a mask every waking hour too brings its own set of problems (we’re looking at you maskne!). With this increased stress and aggressors, we’re sure you’re also experiencing an increase in skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation and so much more.

However, while we can offer every facial to help you with these skin concerns, we know that our treatments and products can’t solve every bad skin problem completely. But, at the end of the day, we believe that the reason why we do what we do is to help our customers feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

We know the journey is not easy, but that’s how it is for everyone. With the right kind of patience and lifestyle changes, you too can achieve the results you could only once dream of. Until we get there, we’re sharing our top 5 tips to help you feel and remain confident in your skin, even if it’s riddled with acne marks, scars, uneven skin tone and such.

1. Take a digital detox

[caption id="attachment_2951" align="aligncenter" width="773"] Take a digital detox.[/caption]

It doesn’t take long for you to scroll through Instagram and see the hundreds of influencers, celebrities, or strangers flaunting their flawless skin. But if you’re constantly comparing your skin to these filtered and staged posts on social media, it can take a toll on your confidence.

Don’t do this! Remember that everyone is born with different skin. As such, their concerns, skin type and how long it takes for their skin to recover is different too. Stress, in general, can affect the speed of your recovery too.

Instead, priortise yourself! Take a break from social media and do something else you enjoy. Get a good sleep routine going, drink a little more water, get started finally on your exercise routine. Your skin (and your body) will thank you for it!

2. Patience, patience, and more patience

Acne or any skin concern does not resolve in a day. It requires commitment and dedicated maintenance. Skincare products are not potions and estheticians at facials are not miracle workers either. Every treatment takes time to work due to your skin cells' regeneration rate.

Being impatient and putting more stress on yourself can hinder your work towards clearer skin. Trust the process and in yourself, and the easier the journey will be.

3. Go out and seize the day

Sometimes, with our acne and spots, we may feel anxious about going out. You may feel that all eyes are on you and are scrutinising your appearance. But according to psychotherapist Azra Alic, people think way more about themselves than other people. Meaning, not many strangers will notice if your skin is redder than usual or dotted with spots.

So, don’t let this stop you from planning an itinerary and enjoying the outdoors! Remember to keep your skin protected with lots of sunscreen.

4. Stay positive

There are days when you feel your acne is so bad or your scars seem to be more prominent than the previous day. It’s tough to be positive all the time. But, tough times don’t last forever. Skin usually regenerates every 28 days, so with time, your blemishes will be less noticeable and your skin can heal.

In the meantime, focus on the good things that are going on, like what you’ll be doing today, and take a breather when things are getting rough. Or, if you’re headed for your monthly facial session, try chatting with your esthetician. Our Caring Angels are always happy to be a listening ear to ease the worries and stress on your shoulders while you recharge.

5. Take care of yourself from the inside

[caption id="attachment_2951" align="aligncenter" width="749"] Eat healthy! It's what's inside that matters.[/caption]

At the end of the day, it does not matter what goes on outside, it is what’s inside that matters.

Cliché aside, its true that your skin reflects what goes inside your body too. If you’re munching on too much greasy and oily foods, spend too much time indoors, or workout every one to two years, your skin will show it in one way or another. This year is a great chance for you to get into healthy habits. We recommend getting started on your resolutions or making small changes towards healthier habits (like snacking on salty foods less, switching to water or doing your skincare routine more regularly!). Over time, it will definitely show on yourself and your face, and boost your skin confidence!

Skin confidence

Beauty is more than what we see in the mirror and it may be hard to believe that when your skin has signs of acne marks, or wrinkles or fine lines. But, you can take steps towards helping your skin regenerate and revitalise it in order to achieve the healthy glowing skin you wanted.

Glowing skin is a long marathon, but here at Caring Skin, we are committed to walking this journey with you. So, put your chin up and your best face forward. You got this!