5 Skin habits to adopt before the BIG 3-0

19 Sep 2019
5 Skin habits to adopt before the BIG 3-0

Don’t pick your skin- In your 20s, our skin is susceptible to stress-induced breakouts, hormone changes and a myriad of other stressors to take on with our skin. This is why people tend to take matters into their own hands. While at it, you may be tempted to pop a pimple before bed, pick closed comedones and so on which is a big no-no as it will create more skin problems/conditions in the long run.

Get regular facials- As we age, the process of our skin renewal slows down in spite of the continued renewal in shedding dull, old skin cells to make way for newer and radiant cells. Getting a regular facial help greatly on top of our own skincare regimes to speed up the repair of our skin and defend against potential skin conditions. Plus, most facials include massages for lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins and reduce fluid retention, which leaves skin glowing and youthful.

Likewise, estheticians are professionally trained to look for and deal with complex skin issues you shouldn’t try to tackle yourself. For example, milia is a common skin issue that, if approached incorrectly, can result in scarring.

Remove your make-up- We’ve all found ourselves guilty of not removing make-up at night during our 20s due to late nights at the office, traveling, or after a late night social activity. We may think it is alright to skip once or twice but as we age, our skin becomes less forgiving. Soon, fine lines, discoloration, and acne will occur because we did not remove our make-up and thereby trapping free radicals and bacteria on our skin.

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Apply sunscreen- Wearing sunscreen regularly is a must have for women of any age, even men. Too often, people neglect and skip this step and end up paying for it later. This is because sunspots takes about 8 to 15 years to surface, explained Julie Russak, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic and Russak+ Aesthetic Center in New York City. It’s ideal to apply sunscreen daily to fend off its damaging effects of the sun before its effect is irreversible.

Drink plenty of water– In your 20s, your social activities will inevitably be packed with and/or revolve around social drinking, and this popular activity is no friend of your skin. So while cutting out alcohol isn’t an option, you can alternate between an alcohol drink and a glass of water in between to keep yourself hydrated. You can also explore further facials and treatments to strengthen the resilience of your skin.