4 Ways to Deal With Skincare Products That Doesn’t Work For You

19 Sep 2019
4 Ways to Deal With Skincare Products That Doesn’t Work For You

Have you ever gotten skincare products only to find out they’re not working so well for you?

Or have you ever gotten skincare products as gifts but you’re very happy with your current skincare routine and don’t want to change your routine any time soon?

Here are 4 ways you can deal with those skincare products without wasting them!


Give them away

Try giving your skincare products to your family, friends, or even close colleagues if the products suit their skin type better than yours.


While the skincare product might not work on your face, you can actually try applying it onto other parts of your body. Your body’s skin type may not be the same as your face’s skin type.


Before throwing away any skincare products, always check to see if it can be recycled and empty out the contents before throwing it into the recycling bin. Avoid emptying contents into the sink as not all cosmetic products can be broken down (easily) by the water treatment plant.


If unused and unopened (or lightly used), you can also consider donating your skincare products! If you’re interested in donating your skincare products, here’s how you can do so in Singapore: here