4 Common Beauty Myths, Debunked!

19 Sep 2019
4 Common Beauty Myths, Debunked!

Most of us are skeptical when it comes to beauty tips. Did you know some of these beauty tips are actually false/not true? Read on to find out the top four common beauty myths, debunked!

Myth #1: Switching your skincare products every few months
Skin products will not be ineffective just because of consistent usage. The main reason why the product’s efficacy appears to decrease is because your skin may have improved since your initial use.

Myth #2: Age is an important factor when shopping for skincare products
It doesn’t matter how old you are – age is not a skin type. The best way to buy your skincare products should be based on how sun-damaged, skin types or sensitive your skin is.

Myth #3: Getting sufficient beauty sleep
We are often encouraged to get eight hours of sleep to allow our body recovers from the long day. However, too much time in bed might be giving us wrinkles depending on the way you sleep on your pillow. The American Academy of Dermatology supports the idea that sleeping in certain positions will increase and cause wrinkles. The reason for this has to do with repetitive motion leading to wrinkles over time and gravity”.

Myth #4: Genes will dictate how you age
If your mother has wrinkles, you’re likely to have them too or vice versa. This is untrue because everyone’s skin ages differently. In addition, genes can change based on diet, exercise, and exposure to sun and so on.