5 Ways to Maintain A Post-Facial Glow

21 Oct 2020
5 Ways to Maintain A Post-Facial Glow

Ever realised that after a good facial treatment, the appearance of your skin improves significantly? The deep cleansing, gentle extraction and face-lifting massage amongst many other steps go a long way to reveal a clearer, smoother and brighter complexion. And, the best part about it; a post-facial glow that will be the envy of others.

Have you ever wished you could prolong those effects? It might be slightly harder to do but with the right steps, your regular facial treatments will be well-worth your money and time. It can leave your skin feeling and looking its best for a considerable amount of time. Follow these tips to maintain the radiance long after your well-deserved facial.

1. Avoid picking at your skin

As much as it may be tempting to pick at any minor blemishes left behind after a facial, this is a major no-no. When you pop a pimple or squeeze your whiteheads, you risk pushing bacteria deeper into the skin layer or even introduce new types of bacteria found on your finger. When that happens, your pimple may become more inflamed and swollen, resulting in scarring (worst case scenario). The best bet is to resist the urge and schedule a follow-up appointment. There may be a reason the gunk wasn't cleared in the first place and that’s because it may be too deep within your skin to be safely extracted. So, make sure to keep your hands off your face after a facial treatment - it’ll do more harm than good.

2. Postpone your workout

The last thing you want to do straight after a facial is to hit the gym. It may sound like a good idea to sneak in some exercises for the day after a rejuvenating treatment for that bonus feel good factor. However, the heat and sweat accumulated from the rigorous bodily activities can irritate your skin that has been freshly exfoliated. Wait at least 24 hours before carrying out light intensity workouts and 48 hours for high intensity workouts after your facial.

3. Give heavy makeup a miss

More often than not, questions on whether it’s advisable to put makeup on straight after a facial arises. While there is no right answer to it, it is wise to skip the heavy makeup for at least a day. That way, your skin will be able to soak up the creams and serums used during the treatment more effectively. You can take this opportunity to embrace a makeup-free look and give your precious skin a chance to breathe.

4. Steer clear of the sun

As much as you can, keep your distance from the glaring sun after your facial. With that being said, your plan for the rest of the day should involve you being indoors. Or at the very least, lazing by the pool or relaxing by the beach is a no-go. Your skin may be more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays. If you really have no choice but to be in the sun, slather on a high SPF sunscreen while bearing in mind that it shouldn’t contain a potent combination of chemicals. Caring Skin’s Antioxidant SunProtector SPF 30 infused with vitamins and botanical extracts, sinks into your skin easily while giving it adequate protection from UV damage. Best of all, it’s non-toxic making it ideal for everyday use.

5. Stay hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is key in ensuring it is able to function more effectively. It is after all the largest organ in your body and acts as a protective barrier to the external environment. When your skin is well-hydrated, it is more resilient and appears plumper. Once your facial concludes, you should endeavour to drink at least 8 glasses of water, and continue to cultivate that habit. It will help to flush out toxins and prevent dehydration to keep that post-facial glow going. Increasing water intake isn’t the only way to hydrate your skin, you can aid in retaining moisture from the outside by incorporating moisturisers into your skincare routine. Caring Skin’s Protective Light Moisturiser, loaded with plant-based ingredients, glides effortlessly over the skin and absorbs deeply leaving skin feeling nourished and supple.