4 Simple Ways To Go Green In The Bathroom

19 Sep 2019
4 Simple Ways To Go Green In The Bathroom

Earth Day is almost here. Are you Going Green for Earth Day too? Why stop at just switching off the lights for a night? Here are 4 extra ways to support the Go Green notion even after Earth Day, all done right in your bathroom.

The bigger, the better

Did you know, bigger packaging often uses just a little bit more packaging but gives you a lot more of the product? This is an especially Green method if your product can’t be refilled. Instead of buying 2 smaller packaged product, save Earth by wasting less on packaging by getting only 1 bigger packaged product. Save Earth, save your pocket. Win-win!

A greener clean

While a lot of the hair sprays, shaving foams, or air fresheners are far less harmful to Earth than they used to be, the excessive use of these sprays are still harmful to Earth. You can do your part in saving Earth and Going Green by hanging fresh smelling plants instead of using air fresheners. The use of hair sprays can also be limited as much as possible. For example, using hair sprays when there’s a special event you have to attend to.

Switching to greener alternatives

A lot of our things are made with non-biodegradable material, such as plastic. We can be kinder to Earth by switching to a biodegradable material made products, such as wooden/bamboo handle toothbrushes, getting toilet paper that are wrapped in paper, instead of plastic, or even switching your liquid hand soap to a bar of soap!


When switching to greener alternatives is not really an option for you, you can still support the Go Green campaign by recycling all your plastic made products.

Let’s do our part in saving Earth!