3 Caring Tips to Celebrate the Singaporean Woman in You

19 Sep 2019
3 Caring Tips to Celebrate the Singaporean Woman in You

Being a woman these days is tough.

Assuming many roles and responsibilities in our daily lives has shaped us into a capable multi-tasker and perhaps, sometimes a too good one at that till we forgot the most important person we have to take care – Ourselves.

Living in a fast-paced society where you are either worrying about your son’s primary one balloting results or the 24hrs deadline which you have to submit a ginormous project proposal by and your boss only just told you 5mins before you knock off the day before?

“Where got time to look after myself??!”

We hear you, sister.

Many of our customers come in weary from the long day of busy work, physically tired from the hustle and bustle of being a car-pool mum, emotionally stressed from the many concerns weighing on their minds. The Caring Team will then use their hearts to read the customer’s personal needs, beyond their skin needs; whether a listening ear, a surprise cheer up gift or a surprise dinner because we know you haven’t eaten. These little caring actions are just to ease the worries and stress on your shoulders and while you recharge in our Caring Space, we will work our pampering magic on you.

But we want to help further.

So here’s 3 things we think will help you regain your woman-hood as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

1. Crave out a Weekly Me Time

Spending time on ourselves to create, to laze or to just be is essential to one’s emotional and mental health, believe it or not. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t have enough rest or Me time, your sanity will run away, trust us. Remember that you are just as important as your family, husband or your boss. Just one hour to yourself per week can do wonders to your soul. Retail therapy, spa treats, fine dining, whatever works up your alley as long as it’s all about you.

2. Choose the right lifestyle

Eating right, drinking lots, sleeping well is the minimal care you can give for yourself. A right lifestyle is the fundamental fuel that actually gets you going through the day without feeling drained before the day is up. Especially for us women in Singapore, drinking lots is very, very important due to humid weather. Do try your best to drink water regularly (coffee doesn’t count, honey) and not forgetting to put the all important sunblock, your skin will thank you for it.

3. Connect with some great girlfriends

No WOman is an island. We girls bond over anything emotionally. And it is said that women relieve stress by sharing their hearts out. It’s good to find your tribe of girlies who will support you in your highs and lows and women whom you can fall back on when you need to borrow THAT amazing pair of Balmain boots. Sisterhood can do wonders when you feel the world is against you and when you need a listening ear.

So today, if you are motivated to start doing things differently and to start focusing on YOU, we want to celebrate that with you!

We are talking about pampering eye treats demos, learning easy DIY health recipes that leads to better skin, girly talks over High Tea and so much more.

And the icing on the cake?

The Caring Girlfriends’ Party is on us, sweetie. No fees required. Zilch.

And because we care, we will love for you to join us have some kick-ass girlie time!

Click here to register!

Have an Awesome International Women’s Day, Girlfriends!