Five Tips To a Healthier You

19 Sep 2019
Five Tips To a Healthier You

Keeping up with an extensive list of New Year’s resolutions, aiming to get back on track, or putting off healthy living habits altogether. Regardless, you need not have to put your plans on hold after the New Year to start planning for a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel a need to improve your lifestyle for your health because it feels better, here are five tips you can consider to manage a healthier lifestyle.

Increase “Natural” Movement

Allocating exercise time-like clocking hours in the gym or doing yoga is a great idea, but it can be challenging for people who are time-starved or people who simply hate exercising.

According to Thumbtack Personal Trainer Kaitlyn Noble, “If you study the healthiest and leanest cultures around the world, you’ll find very few clocking hours in a gym.” Truth is, “their work is physical, they stand often, and they spend more time outside moving around. Aim for a bare minimum of 10,000 steps a day, but more is better.”

With that, below are some tips that will help you focus on attaining 10,000 steps daily

+ Stay committed to walking

+ Walking up and down

+ Walk at high intensity

+ Little things count-like park your car further away and walk to your home or office, use the stairs instead of the lift and etc..

Drink Up

It’s no brainer that proper hydration is crucial for metabolic function, healthy-looking skin, and better digestive function. One of the many benefits includes a reduced belly bloat.

Work on your mental and emotional health

Remember that mental health is the foundation of your overall health. It is important to assess your thoughts and feelings regularly. Occasionally, it’s beneficial to stop, take a deep breath, and relax. Watch a comedy, read, socialize with loved ones, or do something creative to help yourself unwind.

Get eight hours of sleep

Insufficient sleep affects everything from hormones to appetite to energy level,, and all of these can lead to weight gain over time. If you want a closer look at the quality of your sleep, consider downloading sleeping apps such as Sleep Cycle, which measures the quality and amount sleep you are actually getting.

Treat Yourself in Moderation

In a week of dieting, there’s always a cheat day. Likewise, what’s work without a little break in-between? While having a strict and healthy diet is obviously beneficial to maintaining a healthy weight, it’s OK to have your cake or a good pint of beer too! In fact, enjoying an occasional treat for yourself helps loosen the reigns and prevent the desire to binge eat.